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There is so much that needs to go right for a wedding day to be perfect. Or so you think. Read on to see all the advice on a worry free wedding day! 👰

Amy McCord Jones, on worry free wedding

Amy McCord Jones



Owning an online business in the wedding industry, and having been a wedding planner for 13 years, I’d love to weigh in on the subject!

Avoid Making A Big Diet Change

Show me one happy bride who starts cutting weight like a high school wrestler in the weeks leading up to her big day. I’ll wait…

Cutting carbs, sugars, or going full-on Keto for a quick 10 pound shimmy down, is a sure-fire way to look like you’re thinking about a sandwich in every wedding photo. While there’s nothing wrong with reigning in the booze, sodium, and bloaty foods (refried beans: WHY CAN’T I QUIT YOU?!), you don’t want to shock your body with a sudden and extreme diet change. Buy a flattering dress and be good to yourself.

Avoid DIY-ing Too Many Things And Not Delegating

Doing your own flowers is one thing. Learning Photoshop for your invites, baking 200 macrons, and hand-lettering barnboard is another. Focus your DIY on ROI. Will it save you money without eating up your entire life? Will it make you happy and add to your memories on a worry free wedding day? Can you ask someone else to do it?

Always – and I mean ALWAYS – ask for help. Start a text thread, name it SANITY, and actually unload on the people in it. Beg while you’re still balanced.

Giving Too Many Cares

Stick a list like this to your fridge and stare at it if ever you find yourself stressing more than you should:



Believe me when I tell you that ‘being in the details’ is an absolute JOY KILLER. I’ve had countless brides miss their entire wedding because they were legit walking around with diagrams they had drawn to ensure all the candy stations were set up correctly.

This is not Williams Sonoma. This is the rest of your life and someone has already spilled champagne on themselves. If it rains, you’ll have hilarious Notebook-level photos. If your dad wears a weird tie that clashes with your color theme, it’s because he doesn’t know what mauve is. And if you forget the guest book, you’ve saved yourself from the pressure of every needing to read a guest book.

Kate W., on worry free wedding

Kate W.



One of the biggest wedding day stressors is conflict that arises from attempting to balance your desires for the day as a couple and each person’s family’s desires.

Big Decisions For A Worry Free Wedding

My biggest to to a worry free wedding is to decide before you being planning where you as a couple are on the spectrum. One one end of the spectrum you can have a wedding day that celebrates you as a couple embarking on your own adventure together and forming your own lifestyle, and marks the values you’ve chosen to hold together as a couple.

On the other end of the spectrum you can have a wedding day that celebrates the merging of two families, recognizes two sets of rich traditions that are being joined, and honors long-standing values each family holds – values and traditions which you as a couple may not necessarily hold.

Most peoples’ values fall somewhere between these two ends. Determine before you start wedding planning where you fall on this spectrum. This will help you make decisions on what you are willing to compromise on and what you should be firm on as family conflicts inevitable arise.

For instance, perhaps neither of you are religious, but your families value getting married in a church. ⛪ If you as a couple strongly value your life together outside your families’ religions and want your worry free wedding day to celebrate this – be married where you want. But if you value your families having their traditions honored on your wedding day, maybe this is something you can compromise on. But it’s good to discuss these things before they arise.

Marie Kubin, on worry free wedding

Marie Kubin – @rentmywedding



My top 3 tips for having a worry free wedding day are to get all of your wedding rentals from one source, opt for DIY setup, and don’t go overboard on budget.

Wedding Rentals

When it comes to wedding rentals, look for a one stop shop. By renting everything from one source, you don’t have to worry about communicating with many different vendors and working out multiple set up and tear down schedules. Working with just one rental vendor will cut down significantly on wedding day worries.

Do It Yourself

Do-it-yourself anything might seem like it would add stress to the wedding day, but it’s actually just the opposite. Why? It’s usually when something is outside of your control that it causes stress. Opting to DIY as much as you can for your worry free wedding day, means that everything is under control. For example, you can get DIY wedding lighting, backdrops, ceremony altars, and photo booths. If using an online wedding rental company, everything will actually arrive well in advance of the wedding, giving you plenty of time to prep and setup. After the wedding, returning DIY rentals is as easy as putting everything back in the same boxes, and FedEx picks them up for return. Plus, DIY is especially helpful in light of COVID-19. It means you can minimize how many outside vendors are coming into your venue, so you’re not stressing about exposure.


Lastly, don’t go overboard on budget! Overspending is a huge source of stress for couples. Make sure that you don’t spend a single second of your wedding day thinking about how much everything cost. Create a budget ahead of time and stick to it. That way you can completely enjoy your big day!

Say Yes! To The Worry Free Wedding

There is almost an unwritten rule that something has to go wrong on your wedding day, but try using some of these tips and tricks to avoid any of the things that could go wrong that you have control of. Good luck and let us know how all of your beautiful dream weddings turn out! 💖

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