The Perfect “No Makeup” Makeup

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Have you ever seen a beautiful person and thought to yourself, “is she even wearing makeup?!” There appears to be no makeup, whatsoever. We know we have, and luckily Emily Jean is here to teach us how to achieve that effortlessly flawless “is she wearing makeup, or is she just born that way?” kind of look with minimal products!

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Emily is a beauty and lifestyle vlogger who shares all things makeup, fashion and lifestyle through her Youtube videos.

When it comes to “no makeup” makeup, first things first: skincare! Emily advises to put a majority of your efforts into your skincare routine before even thinking about makeup. You want to provide a flawless base to build your makeup upon.

Skincare is Always First

She recommends to cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturize 30min before applying your makeup. This gives your skincare products a chance to soak in and do its job!

After prepping your skin, apply any pore-filling primer to smooth out any texture on your skin and give it an air-brushed finish. On top of that, add a luminous primer to give your skin a dewy sunkissed glow. ✨

Next, Emily skips the heavy foundation and goes straight in with a concealer to hide any darkness on her under eyes and eyelids. Blend in the product with the warmth of your fingers to achieve a natural and seamless finish. Emily advises to skip the powder unless you’re extra oily. This makeup look is all about staying as glowy and fresh looking as possible! Finish off the base with a highlighter on the highest points of your face: cheekbones, tip of the nose and cupid’s bow.

Brows on Fleek

Once your flawless base is finished, it’s time to move on to brows! Run a tinted brow gel through your brows to fill them in slightly and give them a fluffy and youthful look. 👼  Next, Emily curls her lashes to give the eyes a more open and awake look. She skips mascara since she’s already blessed with long and full lashes, lucky gal 😅  but you can take this time to add a coat of your favorite mascara! (we recommend The Best Little Mascara Ever 😉 )

Lastly, is lips! Take any lip liner in a shade similar to your natural lip color and quickly run it across your lips to add a little bit of color. Emily adds that it doesn’t need to be super precise! Next, she adds a sparkly, plumping lip gloss on top to give her lips some extra shine and volume!

That’s it! This look is all about enhancing your natural features with minimal products and minimal effort! It’s so easy, even we could do it!

Maybelline Baby Skin-

BECCA Backlight Priming Filter-

Fenty Match Stix (Bamboo)-

Laura Mercier Translucent Powder-

Benefit Gimme Brow-

Fenty Match Stix (Trippin)-

Milani Color Statement Lip Liner (All Natural)-

ELF Plumping Lip Gloss (Champagne Glam)-

Are You Ready to Slay This “No Makeup” Makeup Look?

We can’t wait to see how your effortless makeup turns out! Whether you have people guessing if you’re born with it or not, we’d love to see your looks! 📸 Tag us on Instagram with your “no makeup” makeup faces.

Born this way, Maybelline

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