Our Mascara is Awarded Top Rating by Clean Beauty Industry Experts

It's true. We're Zero Dirty.1 min

Are you ready for the MOST exciting news? ☺️

Our mascara was just given a ✨Zero Dirty✨ rating by Think Dirty. This incredible company objectively rates household items, personal care, and beauty products based on their potential toxic ingredients.

Here’s the rundown on how Think Dirty’s rating system works:

👍 0 = ultra-clean ingredients, and

👎 10 = dirty, unsafe, toxic ingredients

Our “Zero Dirty” rating is a huge step forward for mascara, especially considering that most other popular mascaras were rated 4-10, with top selling mascaras at 8 & 9. 😱 Talk about some horrifyingly filthy mascara. Check out the graphic below for all the deets on these “dirty” mascaras.

Crazy, right?

What’s even crazier is that there’s no need to use toxic products in today’s world. With fresh, vegan, clean ingredients at our fingertips, it’s surprisingly simple to create a mascara that lives up to Think Dirty’s zero rating. However, not everyone is willing to put in the work. But we were. 😉

Our ultra-clean mascara is vegan, cruelty-free, and always fresh, thanks to the smaller size and carefully chosen ingredients. It’s not dirty, old, and chock-full of bacteria.

Did you know that your mascara is double dirty when it’s over 90 days old? The traditional size of mascara just doesn’t make sense. There’s no possible way you can use all that mascara before it gets clumpy, old, and, perhaps most importantly, bacteria ridden.

Our little mascaras are the perfect size to ensure that you always get fresh mascara on your lashes. 😚

We are delighted to be offering such premium products while maintaining very affordable prices. It’s about time! 👏 Give those lashes the treatment they deserve.

Goodbye toxic ingredients, hello gorgeous lashes! 💕

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My Little Mascara Club
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