Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

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Pumpkin spice…most famously known as a latte☕, disguised in the form of a makeup look. Who knew your favorite fall drink could inspire a makeup tutorial? But low and behold, here it is! However, this look takes it to the next, next level by not only giving us a makeup tutorial, but hair and outfits as well. Talk about pumpkin spice EVERYTHING!

Keep calm and pumpkin spice everything

Most well known for her pop culture tutorials or looks inspired by different decades Jackie Wyers gives us the cutest tutorial that will encompass everything fall. From pumpkins, to candy corn, to a warm cozy fire, she gives the people what they want.

Yes! Everything fall

With the festively named eyeshadows: Whipped Cream, Fall for It, Cocoa Drizzle, Warm & Cozy, Pumpkin Spice, and Ginger Spice, Jackie creates the most adorable look a pumpkin could ask for. To encompass the fall look🍂, she goes bold with a pinky-peach blush to rosy up her cheeks. Jackie also brings in a couple softer colors to balance it out, with a light beige color for her nails and a coral lip gloss. Jackie was able to give us a look that is natural or super glam depending on how we look at it. Which almost doesn’t even make sense…but either way, it’s absolutely gorgeous!

Looking good

In the next part of the look, Jackie shows us what seems like a very intricate hairstyle but is actually just two braids to put it simply. She pins the braids across the top of her head for a loose updo, and to put the cherry on top, adds beautiful gold flowers.

Lastly, Jackie describes the outfit she has on from Free People, so we can try to grab it ourselves. If we decide not to take that route, she also provides a couple different fall outfits for inspiration. Each outfit is very versatile, which makes it easy for us to find similar pieces in our closets to recreate.

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Do You Think You Can Encompass Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice?

Hopefully with this tutorial we are able to look just as sweet as a pumpkin spice latte. We just might have to go out and grab one while trying out this look. Tag us so we can see your Starbucks run or fabulous recreation of this perfect fall look✨.

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