Overlining Techniques For Full Lips

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The trend of big, full lips seems easy enough to recreate with makeup, right? Until you look in the mirror and see Bozo the Clown staring back at you. 🤡

Trying to overdraw lips. Looking like a clown

However, if you do it right, overlined lips can look full, juicy and fabulous! 🤩  Lucky for us, Sandi Jarquin has created a much-needed tutorial on how to fake big lips the right way!

Sandi Jarquin is a makeup-loving Youtuber and Instagram influencer who posts makeup reviews and tutorials. With over a combined 38k followers, it’s safe to say that people love her talent and personality!

Overlining Overload

In this overlining lip tutorial, Sandi starts by using a lip liner in a shade close to her natural lip color. She overlines the middle of the bottom of her lip, careful not to go too far down, and follows her natural lip line near the edges. This technique not only makes your lips look bigger, but also gives you the opportunity to correct any unevenness you may have in your lip shape!

For the top lip, you’ll want to do the same thing. Overline the cupid’s bow, or create one if you have a less prominent shape, then keep the liner close to your natural lip line for the corners of your lips. This is the key to avoiding those dreaded duck lips! 🦆 😗 🙅‍♀️  By only overlining the center of your lips, you create a natural looking plump lip shape.

Next, Sandi goes in with a slightly darker lip liner on the outer corners of her lips to create dimension and shadow, making the center of her lips look even fuller. Now it’s time to top the lips with a lipstick of your choice! Sandi goes in with a nude matte liquid lipstick to make sure her lip line stays locked in all day. 🔒 💯 As a finishing touch, Sandi uses a little bit of her foundation with a lip liner brush to clean up her lip lines and make sure her lips look flawless!

Morphe Lip Pencils: Bite Me/Sugar Pie- https://www.morphe.com/products/color-pencil-bite-me

Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick: Allergic to Bullsh*t- https://www.amazon.com/Kylie-Cosmetics-Velvet-Liquid-Lipstick/

Born This Way Foundation: Vanilla- https://www.amazon.com/Too-Faced-Born-Foundation-VANILLA/

Morphe Concealer Brush M705- https://www.morphe.com/products/m705-pointed-concealer-brush

KKW Beauty Lipstick: Nude 2- https://www.amazon.com/KKW-BEAUTY-Nude-Creme-Lipstick/

Full Lips Without The Pain and Commitment of Lip Fillers

Are you a fan of the full lip trend? If so, try out this awesome lip technique and tag us in a photo, we’d love to see it! 💋

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  1. I like the techniques that you can use. I am not one to wear lip liner and lipstick but now that I have these tips I might try it out