Ten Tips to Clear Skin

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Caring about the health of your skin is something everyone should be involved in, whether or not you’re into beauty. It’s important to treat skincare as an extension of hygiene, your skin deserves it! Luckily we’ve found an expert that spills the secrets of all things related to clear skin.

Olena Beley is a skincare consultant and Youtuber spreading her knowledge and advice to women who want to achieve clear skin! She has personally tried every diet, pill and crazy acne advice the internet has to offer and ruined her skin in the process. With all of her experience, she has found methods that actually work that don’t require you to break the bank OR try crazy products!

Olena’s Youtube channel is full of great skincare advice but we especially love her video 10 Effective Tips For Clear Skin since it encompasses all of her best advice in one video!

We’ll sum up some of her tips in a short list here, but to get all of the helpful details and advice, make sure to check out Olena’s full video!

Olena’s tips to clear skin:

  1. Cleanse! 🧼  Make sure to wash your face properly every night.
  2. Choose products for your skin needs, not skin type!
  3. Hydrate!💧 It’s so important to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized.
The consequences of skipping moisturizer.

4. Don’t forget the SPF! Protect your skin everyday with sunscreen.

5. Consistency is key! 🔑  Be consistent with your skincare routine if you want to see clear skin results.

Clear skin positives and the tragedy of acne.

6. Keep it balanced. Find the right products that balance out your skin’s needs!

7. Be gentle! Your skin is a delicate flower. 🌷 Treat it as such!

For the rest of the tips and tricks to clear skin, head over to Olena’s channel!

Will You Say ‘Yes’ to Clear Skin?

Are you a skincare junkie? Whether you’re a beginner or expert, we’d love to see your skincare routines for! Tag us in a photo on IG showing your skincare must-haves and techniques!

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