Is Dairy Causing Your Acne?

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Do you suffer from acne and feel like you’ve tried every skincare product under the sun to try and get rid of it? Well, what if I told you that what you’re putting into your body might be the cause of your skin problems!

Shocked about acne solution.

It’s true! What your body consumes is a big factor in the health of your skin! In this video, Miranda Mendelson goes 30 days without dairy to see if cheese🧀  and ice cream🍦  are causing her cystic acne breakouts. 

Miranda is the creator of the Youtube channel and blog called Slashed Beauty. She is dedicated to sharing the best drug-store makeup and skincare to 70k followers every week! On her channel you can find makeup and fashion reviews, tutorials and hauls!

Dairy Diaries

Dairy has been known to cause cystic acne. With this information, Miranda decided to cut dairy products out of her diet for an entire month to see the difference for herself. 

After just one week of no dairy, a few slip-ups 😅  (hey, that’s ok, no one’s perfect) Miranda’s skin was already less inflamed. Her pimples were still present, but noticeably less red and irritated!

Halfway through her dairy-free month, Miranda’s husband even noticed that her skin was looking clearer. Now that’s saying something!

Others noticing clear skin

Then, at the three week mark, Miranda had been on her period which is a time she usually sees a lot of breakouts. However, she noticed that her period acne was significantly reduced since being dairy-free! At this point, her skin texture was also starting to smooth out.

Finally, after 30 days of being dairy-free, Miranda’s final verdict was that her skin was less prone to cystic breakouts. She was still getting a few pimples, but they were smaller and cleared up more quickly than her usual cystic blemishes. Her hyperpigmentation and dark spots seemed to be fading quicker, as well. Overall, her skin was in much better shape than before she began her dairy-free experiment. 🙌

The results speak for themselves! No one wants to get rid of tasty dairy treats, but for the sake of your skin, it might be worth it to look into dairy alternatives!

Having to cut out dairy products

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Would You Try Going Dairy-Free If It Meant Clear Skin?😳

If you decide to reevaluate your diet to try to achieve healthier skin, let us know. We’d love to know how your skin journey is going!

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