Makeup Hacks That Will Change Your Face

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If we’re being completely honest, we have all probably looked in the mirror at one point and wanted a little bit of botox here or there. That doesn’t mean we would ever actually get it though…Not to worry, these five makeup hacks have entered the chat and are here to slay.

The gorgeous Jamie Genevieve created a video showcasing the differences between common makeup application techniques and some she feels absolutely change the composition of her face for the better

First Things First For The Face

Jamie claims that the key to a natural illusion of lift for the face is bronzer and blush placement. If you don’t apply the normal ‘3’ shape and only apply to the outer edge, the makeup will give off the look that you’re face is more lifted and tight. Another key hack for the face is to place the bronzer under the jaw not on it and apply blush on top of the bronzer to show those cute little apples of your cheeks.

Second Step For Change

Next up has to do with eyeliner. Now, we do want to preface this by saying there is nothing wrong with the normal techniques being described. These hacks are just a different way of applying makeup to the face for a change.

To achieve this lifting look with eyeliner, start halfway across the eyelid. This will not accentuate the roundness of the eye like a full line would. Half lining the eyelid highlights a more narrow eye look to go with the face makeup.

Third Hack’s The Charm

For the third face hack, we’re going to do the same thing with our fake eyelashes. Jamie cuts hers in half and swears it gives a more natural and light look for her ‘lifted face’ look. To do this, she glue the half set of eyelashes to the outer corner of her eyelid and it really just accentuates the lift like she wants.

Four The Win

The last part of the lifted look for the face is done with the eyebrows. If you fill in your inner eyebrow a little lower than usual, this will give the illusion that it is more raised. This is because the end of your eyebrow will look higher than the front part. Then you finish it off with only touching up the tail end, as well.

Fifth And Final Face Hack

To finish off the look, Jamie shares the secret of only overlining the middle are of the lips to give them a plump look. However, she recommends lining your actual lip towards the corners of the lips. Thanks to this we dodge the ‘clown’ look of overlining and still get the plump look we all want.

Change The Face Game

These makeup application techniques are the best. It’s always nice to find ways to spice up your life without having to do anything drastic, am I right?! So, next time you feel like you need a change in your life, try these and let us know how it goes!

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