Cut Crease Craze

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May we present to you, the eyeshadow queen, Angela Bright👑. Angela’s entire YouTube channel is dedicated to eye makeup because it is her favorite thing in the world. She makes her tutorials super straightforward and bases them on specific eyeshadow palettes. With each new step, Angela is able to describe a cut crease well enough, that any viewer (beginner to advanced) would not feel overwhelmed.

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The up close and personal video makes it much easier to see exactly what is being done and repeat it for yourself. The colors she uses for her cut crease could be dressed up or down because they could be made into a very natural look or full glam depending on what lipstick, highlighter, hairstyle, outfit, etc. Angela leaves it completely up to you to decide where you want to take this beautiful look.

Cat feels pretty, Cute cut crease kitty

Throughout this tutorial, Angela really gives us ALL the tips & tricks we need for the perfect cut crease. She starts out with a base and then starts to create the illusion that her crease is super dark which will in turn sharpen the crease when she adds the lighter color later. I don’t know about you, but we never knew that is what created the infamous cut crease look! Who knew? Well, obviously Angela, but she let us in on her secret as well🙊.

Cutting The Crease

As I mentioned, the dark crease is a step in creating the sharpness. To add to that, Angela also shares with us that applying foundation to your eye lid first, will allow whatever light-sparkly eyeshadow to shine even brighter🌟. Who doesn’t want to shine like a diamond, am I right? That key right there is what finishes the cut crease look. Oh, and of course, falsies and mascara, like we always say, to top it off.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft-Glam Eyeshadow Palette-

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer-

RCMA No Color Powder-

Haus Labs Liquid Eyeliner: Punk-

Makeup Geek Lashes: Ava-

Choose the Cut Crease

If you’re scared to try this, we get it. But we really believe if you follow along with this tutorial, you’ll get it in no time! Tag us in your photos and use the hashtag #cutcreasecrazeđź’–.

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