How-To: Contour

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Contour is like art🎨. Some people really understand and relate to it; others don’t. Many of us do not and completely neglect it. Tina Yong is one of the few contour queens and she saved us with a ‘how to’. Tina’s channel has many ‘how to’ videos as well as content about lifestyle and traveling that are worth the watch.

I'm Always watching.. - Roz from Monsters Inc | Meme Generator, Contour

Counting Down to Contour

She starts her tutorial stating she had moisturized previously and thank goodness for that. Ladies, PSA, make sure to moisturize daily, it is a life saver for your skin🙌. Back to the video, she then applies her foundation to create a base, easy first step. Then she creates some clarity for us beginners by continuing into concealer and specifies to places it where there is any redness, blemishes needed to be covered, or locations to highlight.

The best tip Tina gave in the video to understand contouring, is that the lightness of the concealer gives off the illusion of dimension, while the contour (darker makeup) recedes and sculpts the face. Through such amazing demonstrations, Tina basically holds your hand through the entire process 🤝.

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L’Oreal True Match Golden Beige-

L’Oreal Perfect Match Vanilla-

Maybelline FitMe Foundation Stick: Toffee Caramel-

Maybelline Master Sculpt Powder-

Contour Craziness

This video literally makes it seem like you could completely transform your facial features. Crazy right?! I’m in awe of her skills. Try it for yourself and let us know if you look like a different person😂.

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