Candelilla Wax: Our Secret Ingredient to Smudge-Proof Mascara

Candelilla wax, we love you.1 min

Okay, but seriously? Smudge-proof mascara? It can’t be real… Right?

It is completely real, and we’re here to share the magical secret ingredient with you. How can our mascara be vegan and smudge-proof?

Candelilla wax. That’s how. 😍

What is Candelilla Wax?

Carefully derived from the leaves of Candelilla plants, Candelilla wax is made entirely from vegetables. As an animal free and cruelty free wax, it’s the ideal choice for vegan beauty products (hey, that’s us!) Thank you, earth, for this wonderful wax and its perfect mascara-making properties.

Candelilla wax has a high melting point, ranging from 156-163° F. Candelilla translates to “little candle”, a testament to the wax’s first use in candles.

Besides its many uses in candles and beauty products, there is one key property that makes Candelilla wax perfect for mascara. Are you ready for the real magic? Here it is: Candelilla wax acts as a binder, preventing oils and liquids from separating. It is the perfect ingredient to enrich formulas. Hellooooo rich, clump-free mascara! 🤗

So, what does this wax look like, when it’s not in a mascara? Candelilla wax has a brittle texture and yellowish translucent appearance. Without any solid color or strong scent, this wax is popular in many of your favorite vegan beauty products, and rightly so! It is full of ultra-recharging and ultra-repairing properties.

Candelilla Wax vs. Beeswax

Well, there’s the obvious: vegan vs. animal-derived. Candelilla wax is made from plants, whereas beeswax is considered to be an animal byproduct. Besides that, Candelilla wax is actually harder than beeswax, and melts faster under high temperatures. Candelilla wax is also less sticky and denser than beeswax, resulting in richer, creamier formulas.

On top of all this, Candelilla wax is easier for your skin to absorb than beeswax, and can be used to create a beautiful glossy texture in beauty products.

Candelilla wax, we love you! 😘

Ready to test out the magic of Candelilla wax yourself? Snag your little mascara today, available in two formulas. Thank you, Candelilla wax!

Smudge-proof mascara awaits!

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