The Greatness Of Gratitude

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Every day, we wake up and choose what we are grateful for. We choose the aspects of our lives in which we will show gratitude.

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Sometimes, we know that this can be a bit of a challenge, though. In times of negativity, or declines in our life, showing gratitude is not on the forefront of our brain…and that’s okay.

However, practicing gratitude can actually help in times of challenge and adversity. It can really help you elevate your energetic vibrations and emotional output.

Gratitude is a very strong human emotion, we get it. And, we also get that it’s not always easily accessible. But, as mentioned before we can train ourselves to live in gratitude on a daily basis if we exercise it.

Ladies, practicing gratitude can honestly lead to more joyful living.

All you have to do is start small. Every day when you wake up, write a list of things you are grateful for. It can be as small as grateful for the cup of coffee you are drinking….then when you progress to greater things, you can list gratitude for things such as waking up and the life that you get to live.

Our mind is very strong and we can work on rewired negative statements and complaints to not be the norm and break the cycle of constantly living in old patterns.

Thoughts and feelings of gratitude can begin to build a new reality we wish to see.

Remember, things are happening for us not to us!

It’s such a great feeling to be grateful…even for the little things (which are sometimes the best). Write in the comments something you have gratitude for, we’d love to hear it!

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  1. Great article! I think that especially in moments when we’re struggling it’s hard to think of things to be grateful for but as you said, it can absolutely be the little things. Today, I’m grateful for my friends. They have been a great support system and they keep me going.

  2. I am grateful for the roof I have over my head. I used to take it for granted and now that I have experienced what it’s like to not have that I am very grateful for the little bit of space I have

  3. It’s so important to keep eyes on your reality. You can reach for the stars but always be grateful for that you have and whats right in front of you. I’m grateful for my mom nursing me this past year after 2 surgeries. Having good healthcare in thr United States.

  4. Everyone deals with struggles however it’s all about having a great attitude to deal with them. I am very gratful for my wonderful job and the perks it comes with. Everyone in my family is healthy so I am grateful for that as well.

  5. This article reminds me that we can not control how others will think and feel – we can only control our thinking. If we choose to be grateful then we can be, it may take a little practice and reminding ourselves to take a moment to reflect on what we are grateful for but it will become habit. Today I am grateful for my family, my health, and my ability to assist others in need.

  6. I am grateful for my children. Without them, I would be nothing more than I already am. All I have is my kids and my dog and my neighbor/her kids. In my world, I am the black sheep of the family, disowned because I hit a dark area in my life. Im grateful to have changed my life around for my kids because I don’t want to leave them parentless. I am grateful and blessed to still be alive.

  7. I am so grateful for a fulfilling and rewarding job. It came at the time when I needed it the most and has changed my life…any my health-both mental and physical.

  8. Great article to read this morning! I’m thankful that I’m off work today, the sun is shining, and I have time to write!

  9. I enjoyed this article. I’m going through some tough times right now, so it’s important for me to show gratitude for what I do love and enjoy. I’m grateful for family, I couldn’t be where I’m trying to be without God and my family.

  10. I am grateful for my job, I didn’t loose it when the pandemic first started and was able to continue working during the worst of it.

  11. I am always reminded on days that I feel down to be grateful that I woke up this morning. I can see the beauty of the world all around me. I am also very grateful for my wonderful family. My children, grandchildren, aunts and alot of cousins I grew up with. I am truly blessed. 😀

  12. Gratitude is a big part of staying positive. Being positive is more important than people give it credit for. Right now I am thankful for my home, my cable, my phone, and my cat! Just being honest!

  13. Jotting down what I’m grateful for every morning has been a game changer in how I view the world. This practice has allowed me to find tiny things I am grateful in those moments where I feel like I’m in the eye of the storm. This practice gives me an opportunity to step back and look at the picture from a different view point. To find one thing I’m grateful in high moments of stress is like a reset. It’s such a powerful tool and helps me cope during the more challenging periods of life.

  14. Lovely article! It’s always humbling and well received to remember to be grateful. I remember when I longed for everything I have now. I know my gratefulness and gratitude and thanks only multiplies my happiness.

  15. I am grateful for having an apartment! It gets really cold in the winter time! I’m also grateful for my kids that push me to my limits and teach me new things daily! Its because of them I am who I am!

  16. Being grateful every day helps you bask in the great moments and gives you positivity to make it through the hard times. Even if it’s just a quick minute or two when you’re laying in bed it is so important to make time to be grateful for all the wonderful things in your life. Being a human can be tough, and we all need a reminder sometimes of the things that make life worth living.
    I’m grateful every single day for my children and for being given the gift of resilience to make it out on to no matter what life throws at me 💗

  17. I’m so very grateful that I have a phone and internet service so that I can reach out to all those I love on a regular basis.

  18. I agree on the importance of gratitude. Oftentimes, when we are hard on ourselves, we’re not being content with where we are. Comparing ourselves to others or looking at what we are lacking will keep us down and not able to see the good in every situation. Yes there is good in EVERY situation, even if it’s a tragedy.

  19. Well said! Infuse positive thinking when you can. Even the smallest details should be considered. Making some small, positive, optimistic changes now…