Q: How can I find a balance on social media?

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Ah, social media. Sophie’s choice in an app. Such a strong pull to be active on it and involved in everyone’s lives. Equally strong pull to not live life through a phone…

Just as inspiring as social media can be it has such a toxic counterpoint. Let’s see what today’s question has to say on the topic.

Dear Ellie,

I am constantly on social media. I try to delete the apps, but find myself redownloading not even a day later.

I can’t help but feel like I’m missing out when I’m not active on these platforms.

Do you have any advice for me? I don’t want to live life focused on social media.

~ Sweet Sally in Seattle

Caitlyn, today’s Dear Ellie columnist, has all kinds of clarity for us:

Dear Socialite,

You are not alone, I promise!

I one hundred percent get sucked in to social media, more often than I’d like to admit.

And once I finally snap out of it, I’ve already wasted so much of my time. Guilty as charged!

Real talk, our lives are not meant to revolve around social media, although it increasingly feels as if they do.

I believe social media can be a successful tool only once boundaries are incorporated.

There are some features on iPhone that allow you to set a time limit and receive a notification when you’ve spent X amount of time on it. Or if you feel like you can handle more than that, delete the apps for a couple days at a time.

One thing I want you to think about though, is what do you feel that you are missing out on? Your family and friends that you know on a deeper level than social media, will check in on you.

If you’re good friends and there is a huge update in their life, they will most likely contact you directly. You won’t miss your best friend’s engagement because you didn’t check Instagram. At least I hope not.

Now, if what you feel like you’ll be missing out on is updates on people you don’t know in real life, you’ll start to realize the longer you stay away, the less you care.

And to be honest, the inspirational people we follow that make us feel ‘good’ can do the opposite at times because we still compare ourselves to them. No one is perfect. And majority of the time, all social media shows us is perfection.

Not many people on social media will voluntarily post the negatives in their life. It’s all sunshine and rainbows and comparing to that is a recipe for disaster.

Just remember that no one’s life is as perfect as they make it seem on social media. All the influencers you love to keep up on won’t miss you for a couple days and you’ll start to realize you don’t miss them either.

Life is right in front of us, just not in a little tiny screen.

Hugs + Lashes,

Ellie + Caitlyn

Caitlyn Haynes
Mascara guru by day + artist by night. With a life just as crazy as her…Caitlyn manages to juggle family, friends, work, a social life, and everything in between. Caitlyn follows her passion (for art) through everything in her life and wants to help other women do the same.


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