Winged Eyeliner That Changes the Game!

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Who else has gone into doing winged eyeliner with the mindset of, “Ok, just a small wing today!” and ended up with liner so thick, you think it might be in your best interest to just call out of work that day… Just me? I hope not! 🤦‍♀️

Messing up winged eyeliner.

We know winged eyeliner can be challenging. It’s all about finding the right product to the job and the right eyeliner technique for your eye shape! Have you ever wondered why you’ve had no luck following that beauty guru’s eyeliner tutorial? It might be because you have different eye shapes! 🤯

Natasa is here to enlighten us about hooded eyes and the winged eyeliner technique that works for them! Natasa, or Nats for short, is all about creating a space where the approach to beauty is more relaxed, not so perfect and most importantly, cruelty free! Which just so happens to be perfect for us! 👌

Winged Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes

In Nats’ video, she describes a hooded eye as an eye that has a little extra skin that sits on top of the lid. Because of this, most people with hooded eyes have less eyelid space to work with when drawing on eyeliner.

Natasa’s first tip is to start drawing your eyeliner ⅔ away from the inner corner, leaving the inner corner of your lid bare. She also advises to keep the line extremely thin to leave as much lid space as possible. This combination of techniques will create the illusion of bigger and brighter eyes! 🤩

The most important thing to note for a hooded lid is to not bring the winged eyeliner higher than where your crease ends! If you’ve ever thought you created a perfect wing, only to open your eye and have the liner swallowed up by your crease, this is why! Natasa marks a dot at the end of her crease so that she knows how high to go when creating the wing. This is the key 🔑  to achieving that seamless and straight wing shape!

Now all that’s left is to connect the dots! Once you have your basic wing going on, you can thicken and elongate it to your liking. Keep it thin and short for everyday, or go long and bold for a night out! 

Milani Liquid Eyeliner-

Will You Be Trying This Hooded Wing Eyeliner Technique?

We’d love to see your new and improved winged eyeliner. Tag us in a photo if this tutorial was helpful and changed your liner game for the better! 💯

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