What Does Mascara Do?

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Mascara is a simple and effective way to highlight your eyes and make your features pop 💥. But what does it do? Through a variety of formulas, different mascaras are able to make your lashes appear thicker, longer, or both.

If you’ve ever been down the makeup aisle in any drugstore, you’ve probably seen the huge variety of mascara brands available. They all contain different formulas that are more or less effective at making your lashes appear longer, more voluminous, darker or a little bit of everything.

Last but not least, mascara should brighten your day and help you feel better about yourself.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about mascara and how it’s able to enhance your natural beauty!


Pigment gives mascara its color. Common mascara colors are black and brown. Since the pigments are applied around your eyes, they’re highly regulated.

In the 1930s more dangerous ingredients were used, such as turpentine, aniline, and kohl containing lead. Use of these ingredients caused blindness in some women, but this is now something that doesn’t typically need to be worried about. Just watch out for things like D&C #2 as it’s not as clean of an ingredient as more modern color additives.

Waxes And Oils

Waxes and oils allow the pigment in mascara to coat your eyelashes evenly. They also add more or less water resistance so it doesn’t run down your face at the first sign of moisture.

Waxes and oils commonly used are beeswax, carnauba wax, mineral oil, sesame oil, and castor oil.

Nylon/Rayon Fibers

These are typically added to lengthening mascaras. These materials stick to the end of your natural lashes, making them extend artificially.


Preservatives are added to help keep the consistency the same in mascara tubes and inhibit bacteria growth.

Mascara Should Brighten Your Day And Help You Feel Better About Yourself

Mascara Tips

It may be overwhelming walking into a store and trying to decide which mascara is the right one for you. Here are a few tips to help you combat analysis paralysis!

1. Waterproof Mascara

You should only use waterproof mascara when you really need it, such as when you’ll be away from home for hours and won’t have access to a bathroom for touch-ups. The reason is that waterproof mascara is hard to remove.

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The vigorous rubbing needed to completely remove waterproof mascara may cause your eyelashes to break and damage the delicate skin beneath and around your eyes. You should always use eye make up remover to combat this.

2. Choose Black

If you’re purchasing mascara for the first time, everyone needs a black one–it works for everyone, even if your hair is lighter. This is because mascara is used to define your eyes. It needs to be visible to have the most dramatic effect.

Interestingly, those with red hair are most prone to preferring a brown mascara instead. And, blondes most appreciate black since the contrast is beautifully stunning.

3. Specify

Do you want thicker-looking lashes, defined but thin lashes or longer looking ones? Do you want it to be extra smudge proof or long lasting? You may want all of the above, but choosing a specific look you’d like will get you better quality mascaras that specialize in what you love ❤️. There can only be so many ingredients in a tube of mascara, and if brands pack in too much, the benefits will diminish.

4. The Brush Matters

The brush that mascara comes with also has a large role to play in how it makes your eyelashes appear. Big, fluffy brushes will make your lashes appear more voluminous. A brush with spiky plastic barbs will separate your lashes more and create more definition. A brush with a curve will help lift and fan – essentially curl – your lashes. Choose the brush that creates the effect you’re going for.

5. Curl Beforehand

For those with straight or short lashes, you can curl them before you put on your mascara. If you use a curler after you applied mascara, your lashes could stick to the curler and get pulled out.

Start at the roots and press for three to five seconds. Then move the curler down halfway and pulse it a few times there, about a second for each squeeze.

If eyelash curlers don’t tend to work for you, as those with fine or thin hair sometimes report, then try using a brush with a rainbow-like curve 🌈 so you can lift and fan your lashes during application.

6. Go For Drama

Use multiple types of mascara for a dramatic effect.

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Use a thin lengthening mascara first after curling your eyelashes, then switch to a volumizing mascara with a large brush. Applied to the roots of your eyelashes, this will give the appearance of long, thick lashes.

7. Flick Of The Wand

There are other movements you can do with your mascara wand to change the look of your lashes. Use windshield-wiper motions in the corner of your lashes to spread and lengthen them more, which will give your eyes more of an almond shape.

It’s recommended to apply mascara to both the top and bottom of your upper lashes as well as to your bottom lashes. Many women are afraid to apply mascara to the top side of their top lashes, this lesson on how to apply mascara for maximum volume goes over the tips and tricks that make it work.

Enhancing Your Natural Beauty

If you’ve ever asked yourself “what does mascara do?” you know now that is has a wide variety of uses depending on your desires. Longer, thicker, and darker lashes are possible with only a few seconds of time. Mascara is an effective way of defining your eyes and making your natural beauty pop. 💥

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