We all have goals. We all have aspirations. But let’s be honest, we put them on the back burner. A LOT.

What will keep them a priority you may ask…

Well, a vision board of course!

Humans by nature are very visual, so it only makes sense that having a physical representation of these goals and aspirations that we can will keep them on the fore front.

Serious about Vision Boards

What Is A Vision Board?

Great question. A vision board is a visual representation of your ideals, dreams, and goals.

The adorable Olivia Osborne so kindly filmed a YouTube video specifying and demonstrating all the tips and tricks to making a vision board that actually works. Her key point in describing what a vision board is exactly, is something that makes you feel motivated and inspired.

Fully Motivated - Success Kid | Make a Meme, to make a Vision Board

Olivia goes on to share her opinion that if you can focus on positives and good things, that will most likely be what you get back. If you keep that mindset, you will be able to see the positives more readily than if you were to be in a negative mindset/mood.

After establishing the mood and mindset you should be in to create a vision board, Olivia explains that you can put absolutely anything you want on it. It could have photos, quotes, affirmations, whatever makes you feel good inside and inspired. These goals that do end up on the vision board however, need to be attainable and make you feel able.

Attainability Of Your Vision

If you are creating a vision board of goals that you don’t feel are actually within reach, the only feelings you will get out of looking at it are negative. The vision boards we create need to be something positive and something we want to constantly interact with or look at, rather than avoid.

Me Trying To Avoid Negativity | Make a Meme, and make a Vision Board

The next thing Olivia really stresses that we need to realize, is that everything in your life happens in your own timing. We need to trust the process because the best things in life take time.

Now, to the actual steps of creating the vision board starts with…you guessed it, be in a positive state of mind 🔆. If we are not there, Olivia recommends writing down five things you are thankful for.

After that technique to create a positive mindset, you’re ready. It is time to write down your ideal life. But, we need to write in present tense like we are actually living it. This puts us in a new mindset of the goals we believe we want.

We Need To Have Vision For A Vision Board

Having our goals and ideal life now established, we need to choose how we want to create our vision board. Olivia explains we can do it digitally and create a wallpaper for our laptop/computer 🖥️, or make a tangible poster with printouts; which in a way makes it more real.

Olivia chose to demonstrate a tangible poster. She bought a cork board and some thumb tacks, then printed out multiple images that she felt encompassed her goals and aspirations. Watch in the video down below to see how it turned out!

Everchanging Visions For Your Board

The most important part to remember is that your vision board will never be complete. We should constantly want to be growing and achieving our goals and aspirations, to create more. With that being said girl, if you finish something or attain one of your vision board components, make a new one and share it with us! ❤️

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