10 Tips To Start Your Fitness Journey

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We think it’s safe to assume, everyone agrees, starting a fitness journey is hard. The constant feelings of not knowing what to do, what to eat, why no changes have happened, and many more uncertainties.

To make things a little easier, Kyla Beland shared with us 10 tips she wishes she knew before starting her fitness journey.

Top Ten Tips

Kyla starts her video by explaining that results do not come fast or easy. When we expect them to, we become let down. To say we won’t be let down along this journey is naive, but if we can avoid these negative feelings, we should try.

Next tip is to not look at the weight on the scale.

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It is misleading to watch your weight when you don’t realize and can’t physically see that some of your fat is being burned off and muscle is growing in place of it. The weight is no different but what is making up the weight is.

Kyla then warns to not start your health/fitness journey for the aesthetics. She cautions to only start this process for your health and if you are ready to make it a lifestyle. Fitness isn’t something you do for a while to lose the weight and then give up everything you have worked for.

After that, she brings up nutrition. 🍎

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Which, take it from us, can bring such a guilty conscience on this journey. This brings up the last tip, because if you don’t really want to start this process, you will not want to give up some foods that you may need to. As Kayla says, “abs are made in the kitchen”. πŸ‘©β€πŸ³

One of the tips that is more hard to swallow is that people are going to have their opinions.

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There will be some people who don’t want you to succeed, or wish they could do what you are trying to so they will bring you down. Just keep your head up and stay positive.

A positive mindset is such a key factor when starting a fitness journey because of the next that motivation will come and go. Frequently, you are going to not want to do what you know you should. But, you just have to keep going if you really want it.

Like we already discussed, nutrition is huge, so you really need to pick a diet (as well as a workout) that’s best for you. Kyla strongly recommends tailoring your fitness journey to your own needs, because what works for someone else, may not work for you.

Now, to the nitty gritty. You’re going to mess up. Plain and simple.

Just accept it and move on.

Nearly to the end, we need to address one of the most important important tips on a fitness journey. Do NOT compare yourself. We are all unique for a reason and that’s what makes us special. Your path may take more time than others, and that’s OK!

Lastly, but not least, you need carbs.

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Anyone that tells you otherwise can deal with us. But, seriously, they are good for you and add to your fitness journey in a positive way.

What we all need to realize, is that a fitness journey is not punishment. It is a lifestyle that will only help us grown and benefit us to become healthier. If we are not to the point where we want it badly enough, it will never happen. So choose to start your journey only if it’s right for you!

Fitness Journey Lifestyle

If you enjoy these tips, try them out for a while and let us know about everything! Let us know about your failures, successes, strengths, weaknesses, you name it! πŸ’–

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