While planning a wedding is an exciting time, it can also become quite stressful! Keep reading for advice on how to make wedding planning a stress-free time so that you can fully enjoy your special day.

It’s so easy to get swept up in the excitement, energy, and chaos that is wedding planning! Many brides-to-be end up feeling stressed and overwhelmed about the planning aspect of the experience, and neglect to equally focus on the fact that what you are also doing is preparing for marriage!

When so much time, energy, stress, and money is invested in the one day, it can feel like everything going “right” is the most important thing, and that the day will be a disappointment if something doesn’t go according to plan. Reality check: the wedding day is indeed an amazing celebration, but it’s a symbol of something much larger – the commitment you’re making to spend your life with your fiancĂ©, merging lives and starting a new family.

Prioritize Your Partner

When brides-to-be spend equal if not more time focused on collaborating with their fiancĂ©s, defining what the day actually means and represents, getting clear about your priorities as a couple, and using wedding planning as a means to increase connection with your partner, the actual wedding day itself will become stress-free, because they have zoomed out to consider on what really matters, and are less likely to get caught up in the details of the day (like the flowers, seating charts – things that ultimately don’t matter so much!).

Want A Completely Stress-Free Wedding? Elope

My tip for having a stress-free wedding day is to consider eloping instead! Elopements are a huge wedding trend these days and for a good reason! Big, traditional weddings can be a lot of fun, but they’re not right for everyone. Maybe the stress and pressure of having a big wedding is getting to you, or you’re dealing with too much family drama. Maybe the hefty price tag of a traditional wedding is overwhelming, since the average wedding in the U.S. costs almost $34,000. Or maybe you just want a wedding day that is more unique and authentic to who you are.

Instead of being about stuff like floral arrangments, place settings, or the experience of hundreds of other guests, when you elope your wedding day is just about you and your partner. It’s about the commitment you’re making to each other to spend the rest of your lives together, which is what a wedding should be about in the first place!

Eloping gives you the luxury of designing a wedding day by your own rules! If you want to hike to the top of a mountain to say your vows, and then have a campfire reception with your family and friends, you can! Or you could go on a wedding day adventures like skiing, kayaking, or a helicopter ride. Whatever you can dream, you can do! You get to make the rules, so you can have the epic wedding day your love story deserves.

As a wedding planner, I have had the pleasure of working with may brides and grooms over the years and have enjoyed being a part of many, many beautiful weddings. It is my belief that every couple is different and therefore their wedding day should be a reflection of who they are, both as individuals and as a couple, making their wedding day unique and special. As for creating a stress-free day, if couples do not have a planner, they should try and follow the two most important things I suggest to my clients as we plan.

Plan Plan Plan

The more preparing everyone is, the more stress-free you will feel.

When everyone involved in the wedding day events is on the same page and knows exactly what is expected from them, as well as what everyone else is doing, the day will have a better chance of running smoothly. Plan the details in advance, write a detailed timeline that includes everything about the day. Email it to all your vendors at least ten days before the wedding so you can review it with them. After tweaking it with your vendors, use that as your blueprint for your wedding day. Knowing the sequence of events and what time you will be doing what will certainly help with stress.

Try To Smile Your Way Through The Day and Enjoy Your Wedding

You have planned for this day for so long and it goes by so fast. Please remember to enjoy it and if something is not exactly the way you imagined, smile it away; after all, you are marrying the love of your life and isn’t that what’s really important?

Leave Extra Time In Your Schedule

A tightly packed timeline is likely to leave you stressed out throughout your wedding day. So, resist the urge to put too much in. Think about each activity and element very carefully before including it. Even if everything goes exactly as planned, you won’t regret having some extra time on your hands. It will give you a chance to breathe, re-center yourself and remember what you’re there to do in the first place. It might even allow you to have a little alone time with your future spouse! Or maybe a few minutes to enjoy with your family and friends. Trust us when we say there is less time for either of those than you would think on a wedding day!

Do As Much Before The Ceremony As You Can

One way to ensue that you have a lighter schedule is to put as many things before the ceremony as you can. For example, do your family formal pictures before tying the knot if possible. If you get things like that out of the way early on, it will be easier to relax and enjoy your wedding later. Think of those parts of your wedding day as items on a to-do list. Every thing that you can check off is one less thing you need to worry about later. And once you complete all of them, you can just focus on having fun!

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