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The adorable face behind YouTube channel, TheMakeupChair, is none other than Sinead Cady. She has it all, touching in the realms of YouTube, makeup, teaching, and writing. The star of the show on her YouTube and Instagram (@sineadycady), however, is makeup. I mean don’t we all love makeup?😍 More specifically, a smoky eye?

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Smoky Eye Beginners, Listen Up

In a beginner video for smoky eye makeup, Sinead Cady shares with her followers a ‘how to’ for applying eyeshadow. Thank you!🙏 It is so difficult to watch the pros blend, cut creases, bake, and so much more, all while following along and copying it exactly. Sinead walks through each step slowly and carefully, so she does not lose any viewers in the process. So sweet of her to think of each and every one of us, beginners and all.

I love it!

This video simply goes through four steps of a base, a mid-tone, contour, and the smoky black to finish the beautiful eyeshadow. To complete the entire look, she applies a set of full falsies and some mascara. Doesn’t that always tie everything together so well? The perfect smoky eye would never be complete without a good set of falsies and some mascara (more specifically my little mascara club, the best mascara ever 😉).

Blanc Type Creamy Beige-!/shade/Blanc_Type

Wedge Soft Muted Beige Taupe-

Charcoal Brown Muted Taupe Brown-!/shade/Charcoal_Brown

Carbon Intense Black-!/shade/Carbon

Smoky Eye Savior

We really hope you loved this look as much as we did. Try this tutorial out for yourself and tag us in your photos on Instagram. Best wishes on the smoky eye of your dreams XOXO😘.

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