This Is Why Everyone Is Switching To A Small Mascara Wand

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Lots of people have heard the expression that ‘bigger is better.’ When it comes to makeup, this isn’t always the case! 😮 Smaller mascara wands are here to prove their worth.

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If you have a hard time achieving long, voluminous lashes, your mascara brush may be to blame. Most commercial wands are big, so many people aren’t even aware that smaller wands exist.

With so many different types of mascara on the market, it can be challenging figuring out which product is best for you. Keep reading this mascara guide to learn why smaller mascara wands could revolutionize the way you look.

1. More Control From Small Wands

There’s nothing more frustrating than rushing to get ready in the morning and smudging your mascara. Not only can it create dark smudges on your face, but properly cleaning it can also remove your layer of foundation and other products.

When you have a smaller wand, it’s easier to control your movements and get more precise results 👍. Whether you want a natural look or a bold look, smaller wands allow you to apply smaller amounts of mascara at a time so you can fine-tune your lashes.

2. You Can Apply More Mascara To Smaller Lashes

If you’ve ever taken a close look at your eyes, you might have noticed how many tiny lashes you have. Bigger wands are usually too bulky to provide coverage for these petite lashes, so you’re missing an opportunity to enhance every lash. It may not sound like much, but using a smaller wand will work wonders for your length and coverage.

3. Small Wands Lead To Clump-Free Mascara

Lots of makeup lovers want to learn how to thin mascara because they keep getting clumps on their eyelashes. While holding onto your mascara for too long can be the cause of your clumping, your thick brush is most likely the culprit. Bigger wands may make it faster to achieve volume, but it comes at the cost of caking 🍰 on too much product and getting clumps.

Smaller wands may require a little more patience to get volume, but you’ll be much more satisfied with your final results. Smaller wands will apply an even coat of mascara to each individual lash. Since the brush is tighter, you’ll be able to achieve more length by drawing your lashes outward instead of together with clumps.

Small Wands Are One Of The Best Types Of Mascara

Now that you know the reasons why small wands are one of the best types of mascara, you are ready to achieve your dream look. Experimenting with new types of makeup can feel intimidating at first, but you’ll wish you’d made the switch sooner once you see your results.

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