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Life moves so fast. We already have so many other things going on our lives. Often times we forget about ourselves. Self-care is not a high priority, let alone a priority sometimes. However, sometimes we need to take a deep breath and realize the better off our minds and souls are, the better off we are getting other things done more effectively and efficiently.

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Danielle Mansutti, a makeup/beauty, lifestyle, vlog & mental health YouTuber, walks us through her own self-care day. She explains that her busiest times are during the week, yet she sets aside either Saturday or Sunday solely for herself.

Steps to Self-Care

First on her self-care list, after waking up leisurely, is to make her bed and pick up her room. To the majority of people, and we totally agree, a clean space translates to a clean mind. After that, Danielle opens all the blinds in her place to let the light in. Brightness is positivity and brings about a sense of freshness🔆. Vitamin D is beneficial for a reason, duh!

Throughout the day, she reminds us to nourish ourselves constantly. Your mind can’t function to its full potential if we don’t have all the nutrients necessary in our bodies. Next for self-care, is to take a nice, warm shower. A refreshing shower can only help refresh your mind as well, am I right?!

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During the rest of the day, Danielle prompts us to do the things that will make us feel our best. Self-care is very flexible and completely depends on the person. Danielle herself wanted to be comfy and relaxed, but suggests that others may want to get dressed up and feel fancy💄 to add to their self-care.

Secrets To Simple Positives

The last couple tasks/suggestions on Danielle’s self-care ‘tutorial’ include pampering yourself and exercise/get outside. She did her nails at home, sharing that personally, she feels better internally when she looks her best externally. Anything that makes you feel good is self-care, just remember that. There is no ‘how-to’ on how to feel better, we can only listen to advice and try.

Self-Care Is a Priority

We all know these tips and tricks are not difficult, it is just a matter of setting aside the time out of our busy days to try them. Try at least one of Danielle’s suggestions and let us know in the comments below how it goes! Deep down we do care about ourselves, we just need to show it💞.

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