Running A Business

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Let’s get down to business…Running a business is no walk in the park. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. So, if you’re prepared for that, keep on reading. We have the inside scoop on what it’s really like running your own online clothing brand.

Sophia Cuerquis, lifestyle YouTuber, has taken it upon herself to share all the tips & tricks she has picked up along her small business journey.

Small Business: Even with a minimal investment in technology anyone can  start and run a successul small business. – Laptop & Computer Repair, Inc.  Tech-Talk

To start the video, Sophia shared her morning routine checklist to keep up with her business. She explains that the very first thing every day she does is check her Shopify for any new orders. Can we say, GIRL BOSS! Any unfulfilled orders, she grabs from inventory and packs into the most aesthetic little package.

Personal Brand

To sell your items, you need to sell your brand. Sophia explained that her brand is a very sleek and professional look that is pleasing to the eye. Her packaging is a matte black bag with a tan ‘Ignited Apparel’ sticker to top it all off.

Now to the details of the business. Sophia describes that planning for your packaging, labels, and licenses is time consuming but not difficult. Everything she has learned, she learned from someone else whether it be from a YouTube video or an informative blog post, she did her research to be aware of everything that would be necessary. Always on top of her game!

Lastly, Sophia ends her video with a Q&A. All the business questions her followers wanted to know…she answered. If you want to get all the answers yourself, check out the video down below.

Chase Your Small Business Dreams

If you’re as inspired after watching this video as we are, our business dreams are a GO. At least start by speaking your goals into existence. Share them with us as well, so we can be prepared for when these dreams turn to reality. 💭

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