Reinvent Yourself

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Do you ever feel lost? Not really sure where your life has gone, or who you are anymore? We’ll let you in on a secret…this is not uncommon. The uncommon part, is taking the step to reinvent yourself. 💡

Amber Gonzales, a Healthy Mind and Wholesome Lifestyle Youtuber, shares with us her journey towards reinventing herself and tips she recommends.

The first point Amber touches on, is the need for awareness when you have lost yourself, but are in denial. If you do not feel that there is anything wrong, then there is nothing to fix. Awareness of denial is the key initiator to reinvent yourself.

After explaining this aspect, Amber went into the characteristics she noticed in herself and that we may be noticing as well. She felt she had no balance in her life. ⚖️ No self-discipline when it came to things such as eating habits, exercise, etc. Amber felt she had no accountability and no personal structure. All which are necessary to lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Once self-awareness and realization of these qualities hits, we need to take a deeper look into our lives and be picky. Amber suggests that we really need to let go of attachments that aren’t bringing anything beneficial to our lives. Whether that be a mindset, a person, a relationship, anything. Let it go, and the reinvention has started.

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Reach For Reinvention

Now, there’s no How-To, Step-by-Step guide for how to reinvent yourself, because it is an individualized personal journey. However, Amber shared some general tips that can aide in the task.

First off, you need to trust the process. It is going to take time, it is going to be difficult, it is going to be the complete opposite of fun at times. But, if we believe that the end goal is worth it and trust that the steps we are taking to get there will work, then we don’t see why they wouldn’t.

Since this process shouldn’t be rushed, we also need to keep in mind that reinvention should take place in little increments. We need to start small with routine improvements. If you try to quit eating fast food and going to the gym 6 days a week, chances of that schedule sticking is very low. Although, if you start by going for a run everyday, it will become easier and easier with time.

A helpful tip that Amber mentioned to help with starting small is a little personal questionnaire exercise. She asks us to jot down the first bad habit we have that comes to mind. What does she want us to do with it, you might ask. Amber suggests that, that habit be the first small thing we try to work on in the reinvention process.

Reinventing Your Mindset

To tie it all together, Amber shares that none of this is possible unless we develop a new mindset that understands reinvention is completely within. This process needs to be intentional and take place without negativity. The good and bad need to be addressed, only when you are able to find a balance between the two extreme mindsets. Along the process to reinvent ourselves, we cannot allow negative energy to consume us.

We have to be open to the change and welcome it with open arms.

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