Q: Should I start parting my hair down the middle?

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Apparently a side part is an ‘old’ hairstyle now? First of all, when did that happen? And second, can we all acknowledge that trends come and go. So, the ‘new’ middle part trend is actually just a renewal of the ‘old’ middle part trend from the 90’s, and the 70’s, and even the 20’s.

Dear Ellie,

Is it really a problem if I keep parting my hair to the side?

I have no volume, and avoiding a middle part really helps. But, I can’t stop thinking I should get over the side part like everyone else…

~Hair Hero in New Hampshire

Caitlyn, today’s Dear Ellie columnist, has all kinds of clarity for us:

Dear Partly On-The-Fence,

Let’s start with the cliche mom question…

If everyone jumped off a cliff, would you jump too?

I don’t know about you, but I’m afraid of heights…and not jumping works for me to avoid that fear, right?

So, girlfriend, if you like your side part and it works for you – go for it!

On the other hand, if you have a middle part and you think you look like the gorgeous girl you are – rock that look too.

Just because you think ‘everyone else’ has a middle part, or that’s the fad/trend right now; that doesn’t mean you have to join in.

I mean, hey, if you don’t join in you’re an ‘outlier’ and outliers are cool now! You’ll probably eventually spur a new trend of side parts when the middle part fizzles out, to be honest.

Fashion, beauty, hair – all have fads that come and go. So what’s popular right now, most likely won’t be in about a year or so…give or take.

With all that being said…you do you! Whatever makes you feel good about yourself. Whatever makes you look your best. Or even whatever you wake up with in the morning from going to sleep with wet hair – am I right?! That sh*t can get CRAZY!

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say you’re gorgeous either way, middle part or not. So do what feels right for you. It doesn’t matter what anyone else besides yourself thinks about it!

Now, if you’re feeling adventurous and actually want to switch to a middle part because YOU want to…do it – full send.

But, if you really can’t shake the thought of doing it because everyone else is, try it. It can’t hurt anything except yourself, if you’re only doing it to ‘fit in’. And, if you try it, and end up liking it, all the more power to you!

Hugs + Lashes,

Ellie + Caitlyn

Caitlyn Haynes
Mascara guru by day + artist by night. With a life just as crazy as her…Caitlyn manages to juggle family, friends, work, a social life, and everything in between. Caitlyn follows her passion (for art) through everything in her life and wants to help other women do the same.


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