Q: How can I approach ‘spirituality’?

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Ever feel like there’s so much noise in your head, and you can’t seem to silence it. Or there’s this empty feeling like you’re missing something. Spirituality is at the center of all of us. It is never lost nor missing, the connection just needs to be found.

Dear Ellie,

In general, I am a very happy person. I have a happy house. I have amazing kids and a husband who loves me. I have a steady job and I still feel that I am lacking a connection to spirituality.

How do you get that connection? Where do you start?

~ Spirit Seeker in Savannah

Caitlin, today’s Dear Ellie columnist, has all kinds of clarity for us:

Dear Spirit-Minded,

How great to hear about your many blessings in life! Lovely. It is guaranteed that you brought forth each of those things into your life, so it will be wonderful to see what you create next.

There is a lot of talk of spirituality these days. Everyone seems to be promoting it, connecting to it, or reminding us that we should have our spirituality in check. It feels slightly like if we don’t have it, even among all your accomplishments, that we are not complete. Oh dear! That must be the one thing I’m missing, cause, well frankly, doesn’t it feel like everyone is missing something, so mine must be spirituality. Right? No, girlfriend. You’re perfect.

Spirituality is innate in all of us. Never missing or lost, it is always there. Like you say, it’s making the connection to it to feel rounded in life. That’s beautiful. We are actively in a period of history where connection to our root beings is coming into focus for us all. It feels all around us because we’re now more focused on it. You’re tapping in.

Genuine connection and spirituality, at its root, is self-connection. The ability to see yourself in your fullest and then love and appreciate that being fully every day. So how? Stillness brings all the answers, and through all my reading I know that the core of finding your connection is through meditation. Meditation?!… err gawd, there’s that word and that thing everyone talks about and it just sounds like another things I have to do, another habit. Not to worry, there’s an action before that to ease you into the practice. Meditation is a slowing down of all outside influences to hear what’s going on inside and to connect with your spirit.

If jumping right into a meditation practice is a leap, start with gratitude. Gratitude for all you’ve had, have, or will have and I promise that you’ll start to tap into that inner being that is your true self, always connected to spirit. And this can be hard in a world of “you don’t look like this” or “you don’t do all these other things..paint, volunteer, travel, inspire, whatever”. Write down each morning and evening 5 – 10 things that you are grateful for to see what’s coming from inside.

When I began to look into my own spirituality, I was drawn to a couple of authors, then a few more, then more, then it became a need to know them all. Since that start my focus has come down to just a handful that I feel are authentically at the core of spirituality. Each has their own flavor and speaks to their own audience, so find your person(s). But remember, it is all in you so you are the ultimate guide.

Here are a few great resources that flow between the motivational and spiritual work.. I’ve given you a little summation quote on what I believe to be their main focus.

Start with gratitude, find a couple of guides, and ease into meditation. It will feel like “I’m not getting anywhere” when in fact you are miles down the road and will reach a point where you look back and think “Well heck, I’m tapped in” and you’re repeating the inner and outer lessons with ease and appreciation.

Enjoy your inward journey, you spiritual bad*ss you!

Hugs + Lashes,

Ellie + Caitlin

Caitlin Goetze
Entrepreneurship Enthusiast + Connector. Caitlin has explored a variety of career paths that have centered around making connections and supporting great ventures. She is a forever learner, reading up on our spiritual path, leadership, mentorship, community support, and the creative realms.


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