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How do you see yourself or want to see yourself? How do you want others to see you? All these answers describe a personal brand, or at least the makings of one. Not sure how to create this yourself? Erin On Demand shared with us six tips to build a strong personal brand and we are here for it!

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Erin really emphasized to start, that a personal brand is not just what you put o social media about yourself. It is what people perceive of you based on what they know about you. Social media is a large part of personal brand as it has gained popularity. However, it is more than just that.

The main point that Erin really wanted to make before getting into the details, is that each and every one of us should want to have a brand that creates impact or builds our business, or that just achieves whatever goals we have for our own personal brand.

Tips For The Perfect Personal Brand

First things first, we need to write down our core values. These are not just things you want people to receive from content. They are not tangible things. These core values for your personal brand should be feelings we want to evoke from our audience. The examples Erin gave from her personal core values, were to be real, inviting, and valuable. She wanted people to feel that she was always genuine with her viewers, they always felt welcome, and felt that their experience with her provided something of use for them.

Next tip, is to pick two social media platforms MAX, to put our energy into. There are so many outlets for social media that trying to maintain a presence on them all is unrealistic. Erin shares that one should be content with high value, and the other should include high engagement. These two pieces are important in the viewer’s eyes. 👀

Clarity and Consistency

Another key idea that should be kept in mind when creating a personal brand is to be clear and consistent. We really need to be clear on the purpose of the brand, so those that can relate will remain invested. An example of consistency with a personal brand can be done through social media when it comes to an aesthetic, or certain colors, or the format/layout of the content posted.

Customer interaction is also a huge consistency factor. When creating a personal brand, if a viewer sees you in the street, your core values, need to be kept in mind. The interaction needs to match with the feeling and presence that you create online as well. Erin warned, “Don’t talk the talk if you can’t walk the walk.” She emphasized that we really need to follow through with the image we are portraying the personal brand to be.

The audience needs to be known as well, when in the process of ideation for all these aspects. Although, even before that, you need to know yourself before you pick an audience you want to cater to. At the end of the day from all Erin’s wonderful advice, we really need to know ourselves to understand what we want our personal brand to become. 💕

Last, but not least Erin encourages us to BE YOU!

Put It To The Test

With all these tips and tricks, we’re ready to go out into the world and start to see all the personal brands that exist in every day life we didn’t notice before. Personal brands are everywhere around us, happening all the time. Share with us if you have a personal brand and if these tips are helpful at all in making them better or creating something completely new! 💜

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