Nutrition Tips We’d Give Our Younger Self

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Do you ever look back on your life and wish you could tell your younger self something? We sure do. We wish we could tell ourselves all the tips and tricks to nutrition. However, if we can’t go back, we can at least listen to them now. 🤷

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The adorable Sadia from Pick Up Limes YouTube channel, basically made a Nutrition 101 video. It has all the advice we should have been telling ourselves years ago, but never knew about.

Neat Nutrition

To start the video, Sadia shows that she has been there and done that with unhealthy eating. She acknowledges that knowing what to eat can be very difficult. Nutrition is a science, but not everyone knows what is considered good and bad.

When we are able to understand the right things to eat and what will benefit us, Sadia shares that consistency is the key, not perfection. There will be days when we slip up on our nutrition and eat some junk food. Although, the important thing is to stay consistent after these indulgences and understand we’re not perfect.

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The next tip is enlightening. At least for us when we think about nutrition and eating healthy, it seems outrageously complex. But, Sadia explains to just keep it simple. We don’t need to go all out and become the healthiest gourmet chef there is. Simplicity is key. 🔑

Compassion For Ourselves

On a serious note, Sadia explains that we really need to give ourselves some compassion. We need to love ourselves as much as we love our friends and family. She encourages to tell yourself ‘I love you’ every once in a while, aside from nutrition.

Back on the track of nutrition, however, Sadia claims you really do need to eat in company. When eating is done with people it becomes so much more of an experience and positive.

In the next bit of the video, Sadia approves that fruit is everything. We need to eat more fruit. She also explains that if we cut it up and prep the fruit we are more likely to eat it throughout the day. Which ties into the next tip, to meal prep. It is much easier to track nutrition, when preparation takes place.

Nutrition Mentality

Nearing the end of the tips, Sadia really preaches to stop saying ‘should’ and start saying ‘could’. She believes this makes whatever task seem more like an option and less like a demand.

Nutrition should be something that becomes regular. Daily, we should be eating consistently and drinking more fluids. These are what keep us going and we need to stop neglecting them.

Lastly, Sadia tells us to stay strong and just go about nutrition slow and steady. It is not a race, it’s a lifestyle.

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