New Year’s Eve In

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Who’s ready for a New Year’s Eve out on the town?

Not us!

We’re ready for the best night in this year to celebrate ringing in 2021.

New Year’s Eve Nostalgia

We get it. New Year’s Eve is the one night every year to go out and let loose. But why not start a new tradition of staying in? Am I right?

Introverts, it’s our time to shine! 🌟

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Whether you are celebrating with a party of just one and the rest virtually, or a select few, read on for the best New Year’s Eve: At-Home-Edition ideas by the gorgeous Michelle Gainey with Lemiga Events.

The first suggestion for an at home New Year’s Eve is games! Break out some Pictionary, play a round of charades, or even try Heads Up with your friends over Facetime. Anything that gets everyone participating and enjoying some fun!

Next idea on the list is to invest in some dΓ©cor that’s festive – but easy!

Grab any little trinkets or objects around the house that are bright metallic silver and gold and you’re good to go!

Now, if these metallic colors are lacking in your home, there’s always the option to grab a couple festive New Year’s Eve balloons to put around the house; as well as some candlelight to set the mood. 😏

For the next suggestion, New Year’s Eve resolutions are put into question.

As much as we love progress and growth, let’s be honest, majority of the time we completely forget after the first month. So, we really enjoy the idea of gratitude letters.

These don’t have to be for anyone you are spending New Year’s Eve with, it could be absolutely random. All you have to do is reflect on a person you feel gratitude for and ring in the new year sharing that with them!

Last, but not least, is the suggestion of keeping the party cocktail menu easy. Since, it may be a solo start to the year for some, cocktail recipes can always be passed on to those participating virtually. With this suggestion, virtual attendees can feel more connected over their shared cocktails.

The ‘New’ New Year’s Eve

We know it’s difficult to celebrate in these times, but New Year’s Eve at home sounds pretty great to us. All we have to remember is what the new year symbolizes and try to focus on that. The new year is a new start for us to get that dream job, dream lifestyle, dream house, dream whatever you want! The new year is what you make it, so make it a good one!

Tag us in all your New Year’s Eve preparation and party pics (at home, of course). πŸ’–

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