Mindset Reset

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Do the trying times of 2020 got you down? Don’t worry, us too. We all need a complete reset.

Mel Robbins, Author and Speaker, is all about teaching how to improve our lives one decision at a time. Right from the start, Mel is upfront and honest about needing a reset. She begins by discussing 2020 and the trials it has put her through with losing her talk show, her book contract, the speaking business. Her whole life has turned upside down.

Mel not only wants to start a new chapter and hit the rest button, she openly states that she has to. Whether it’s your work life, home life, social life, whatever it may be, that has done a complete 360, we have some answers for your reset.

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There’s No Pause Button, But There Is A Reset?

We can’t slow life down, but we can take a moment to really think about what is going on around us and evaluate. If you’re ready for and want a mindset reset, you are already through the hard part. It is most difficult to realize there is a problem and want to fix it. So good job, you over-achiever.

Turn that frown Upside down | Make a Meme, Reset

Mel explains the simple truth, that the power is in YOU. We have realized the need for a reset, but no one is going to come do it for us. We need to understand three of the most important aspects of changing a mindset. These include clarity, courage and confidence.


Clarity is extremely important because understanding the reset and following through is the only way to make it happen. If we don’t understand the reason a change has to happen or how we will make that possible, how do we carry on.


Courage is what is going to allow us to carry out the change. We need to be strong enough and believe in ourselves to know what is right for us and the life we want to live. Without this, we might not get the full reset that will provide success at the end of the journey.


Last, but not least, confidence. This is similar to courage, but confidence comes in during and after the reset. We need to be able to find the confidence while we are adapting and changing our mindsets for the future as well as when the future comes to implement what we want different in our lives.

Makeover For Your Mindset

We already feel refreshed just walking through these seemingly simples characteristics and steps needed to reset our lives. And come on, it’s just like a computer…sometimes a nice reset, ends up making the whole thing run better! Let us know if after watching this video, you feel that you’re running better.

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