Are you really mindful of how you’re feelings, what you’re feeling, why you’re feeling it? 🤔

Us either…

But that’s why we’re going to try out Renee Amberg’s 10 exercises for mindfulness. She explains it as a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment.

In doing this, we’re able to decrease some stress and anxiety. It is allowing feelings to come about without placing any judgement on them. Mindfulness allows the mind in a way, to rest. 😌 

Steps To Less Stress And More Mindful

Focus Exercise

The first trick Renee suggested is to choose an object in the room you’re currently in at this moment. Now, shift all focus and energy onto that object: the look, smell, feel of it. Analyze and study everything about that specific object and try to appreciate it.

In doing this, the mind is unable to drift anywhere else in your life. It allows your mind a break to not worry about anything else that is going on in life and promotes mindfulness.

Body Scan

The next exercise, is like a body scan. With this, we lay on our backs, eyes closed, and with every breath, in and out, focus on a different part of our bodies. Start at the top of our head, then on to forehead, eyebrows, eye lids, eyes, and all the way down to our toes.

Mindful Immersion

For this exercise, take a simple task that is completely mindless. When doing this, shift the focus of the task by changing it up. If brushing your teeth is the exercise you choose, switch to your non-dominant hand to brush. If you choose driving to work, take a different route.

Whatever it is, focus all energy on that task and it will cause mindfulness by forcing you to be so presently aware of the task at hand.

Gratitude Journal

Renee goes on to explain a gratitude journal. There’s no need for you to actually write in a journal, this exercise can be solely in your head. All you need is to think about as many things you can name that you are grateful for. This promotes awareness of what we currently have and in turn, mindfulness.

Get Out In Nature

This exercise is pretty self explanatory. Whether you sit, stand, or walk, just try to get outside and notice every little thing possible. Try to focus on the weather, animals, sounds, temperature. Anything to put you completely in that moment in nature to be mindful and present.

5 Senses Technique

We are all aware of the five senses, but this exercise takes them to the next level and forces us to be mindful of them. Anywhere, anytime, stop what you are doing and name five things you can see, four things you’re feeling, three things you’re hearing, two things you’re smelling, and one thing you can taste.

Present and Aware

Watch the video linked to hear Renee explain the last four exercises of Mindful Breathing, Daily Intention, Currently Exercise, and Re-Arrange Your Room. Let us know if you try any of these tips and tricks and how mindful they enable you to become!

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