Meet Caitlin Goetze

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Caitlin Goetze

Caitlin Goetze

Entrepreneurship Enthusiast + Connector

Caitlin has explored a variety of career paths that have centered around making connections and supporting great ventures. This journey has covered Marketing / Advertising to Early- and Growth-Stage Startups to the Health Insurance industry. She’s spanned roles from being in a two-person non-profit to corporate to self-employed. This path has not been by mistake, she foresaw the major chapters from the start so it has ultimately been a journey of enjoying each role and creating a path that fits her path towards being the boss. 
You’ll often hear her talking about taking the big step backward to review the big picture while maintaining a clear view of your final goal. She is a forever learner, reading up on our spiritual path, leadership, mentorship, community support, and the creative realms
The Phoenix Valley has been home the last several years since moving down from Seattle, WA, and eventually, there will be moves around to other regions of the U.S.

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She gives advice on these topics:

  • career growth
  • spirituality + internal power
  • resources + good reads
  • general “what the $@#! do I do?!?!” questions

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