Masked Makeup Mania

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Here’s the dilemma: you want to wear a full face of makeup, but you have to wear a mask! It’s inevitable that all your time and effort will be ruined by your foundation rubbing off on the inside of your mask 😷  or is it…? 

Gabriella Elena has her transfer proof makeup routine down pat, and we have much to learn! 🤓  In this awesome makeup tutorial, Gabriella teaches us how to prep, apply and set our base makeup so that it stays put even after putting on and taking off a face mask!

Yay! Makeup that will stay put with masks

Gabriella Elena is a professional makeup artist and Youtuber. On Youtube, she shares makeup reviews and gives tips and tutorials on all things beauty and style. She’s gorgeous 😍  and really knows her stuff!

In this video, Gabriella starts by telling us that skin prep is very important in keeping your skin healthy and making your makeup last! Make sure your skin is well cleansed and hydrated before applying any makeup to avoid breaking out underneath your mask.

Next, she demonstrates a new makeup priming technique: apply translucent setting powder before primer. 

Translucent setting powder before primer. Unheard of. With mask

We know it sounds weird, but don’t knock it ‘til you try it! This method is supposed to keep your face more matte, help your makeup adhere better to your skin and even provide a bit more coverage. 

Gabriella chimes that “less is more” when it comes to wearing makeup under your mask! She sticks with concealer under her eyes and over her blemishes, and a powder foundation for the rest of her face. With less product in the mask region, the risk of transfer is much lower! Top it off with a long lasting, mattifying setting spray and you’re good to go!


Antifungal Moisturizer-…



Loose Powder-

Face Powder-

Lip Balm-


Transfer Proof Masked Makeup? Yes? No?

If you learned a few tips and tricks from this video, try it out and snap a pic. We’d love to see your transfer proof makeup. Let’s see that mask before and after!

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