How And Why We Created The Perfect Mascara Brush

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Who else is tired of keeping up with the continuous influx of makeup trends? We sure are. Especially when it comes to mascara brushes.

Like, honestly, let’s just stick to what we know works, please.

If you really sit down and think about it, cosmetic companies that produce more than just mascara products, innovate with things like colors, formulas, textures, shapes, presentation, etc.

But what does that do for mascara? It complicates it, plain and simple.

Keep Brushes Simple

There’s no need for ‘super falsies max blast volume’ mascara. Stick to the basics and you’re golden, we promise. We tried colors in the 80’s, and it was fun, but didn’t stay around. A simple black is what women really want.

If you go to the drug store, you will still see the iconic pink and green mascara, that if we’re being honest, no one even knows the brand. But we do know, it’s been around for a VERY long time, and there’s probably a reason right?!

That reason is because it is simple. No crazy brush, no crazy colors.

My Little Mascara Club’s brush is the heaven sent brush. No bias here, we promise.

It is literally made, to fit perfectly with the human eye. Why wouldn’t they all do that, we have no idea. But great question, we’ve asked it too.

The best part about the brush is, not only does it fit the eye and make the application easier, the curve actually fans out the lashes and makes them curl naturally. The straight end pushes out the outer edge of your eyelashes and no lie, gives you the perfect lashes.

We’ve tested many mascaras, you would not believe, and this truly gives lashes like no other. If you don’t believe us, try it yourself. It’s worth a shot for the best lashes you’ve ever had, right? 😉

My Little Mascara Club
Meet the little mascara everyone is subscribing to, exclusively at My Little Mascara Club. Seriously smudge proof, packed with clean ingredients, and just the right size for you to always have a fresh, clump-free mascara. Delivered!

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