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Feng shui is hard to nail…but it can be done. We have the top home décor styling tips that will leave your home looking like its straight out of a magazine!

Feng shui in home decor

To teach us all the top tips, we most likely should already know, is Kristen McGowan. Kristen is a girl boss, that graduated with her Bachelors of Interior Design, and is ready to share all of her Interior design, home décor, DIY, and lifestyle tips & tricks with us!

First things first, let’s talk about pillows. We’ve been doing it all wrong. Why buy an entire pillow, when we could just buy plain inserts and change out the covers whenever we want. The covers can continually be changed to match seasons, new décor, new colors, anything and everything.

Now when it comes to styling pillows, we need to group them in three. Each pillow should be different size, texture, and color for a layered and balanced look. And of course, to top it all off they need a good karate chop n the center and corners pulled up to look as good as we do (right ladies? 😉)

Good Things In Home Décor Come In Three’s

On the topic of styling in groups of three, this carries around the whole house. It’s definitely not just limited to pillows. A small, medium, and large scale of different objects really gives off the illusion of balance and an even room.

This technique takes objects to an elevated level rather than just looking like clutter left lying around. It can be used for coffee table décor, shelf décor, mantle décor…any kind of décor. This layout makes everything look intentional and well designed.

Well Done Wall Décor

With wall décor, the key tip to a picture perfect room is to hang everything at a midpoint of 57 inches. Any higher looks like it’s floating, but with wall décor at 57 inches, it feels natural. This specific height is majority of the time at eye level for the average person and more appealing to the eye.

Picking Patterns

For those of us that are all about the patterns…we should tone it down to one large scale pattern and two smaller ones. The key to patterns if focusing on one to be the highlight and the others to balance everything out.

Something like a large scale wallpaper pattern or patterned rug is easily balanced out by a couple small touches of others patterns such as geometric floral or a solid pattern here and there in the room.

At this point, we all really need to take a step back and look at everything as a whole. There should be balance and symmetry throughout, no chaos whatsoever.

Color Coordination

One of the last couple techniques to style décor like a pro revolves around color. We need to use color in a monochromatic way. Multiple shades of one color and layers is the way to go.

Some instances of functional colors in décor is a really neutral palette with one pop of color. This could also be complementary colors, such as a navy and neutral tan shade. Color coding applies to artwork, pillows, rugs, furniture, wall colors, and everything in between.

Consistency Equals Cohesive

With all these hacks we’re really on our way to a cohesive home. We can’t put more energy into one room rather than the other or it just wont look quite right. Throughout the entire area we need to keep consistency. The same color palette should be brought into the entire house…besides bedrooms.

After everything is said and done though, having fun and doing what you love is the most important of all! If you try any of these heaven sent hacks, share some photos with us so we can obsess. 😍

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