Hobbies For The Heart

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There are so many things that are good for the soul. Self-care, confidence, affirmations, hobbies…the list goes on and on. We tend to neglect these often, and the thing that is forgotten most: hobbies. We are wrapped up in our daily lives trying to survive, we forget to take time for the little things that make us happy.

Little things in life mean the most

Youheum, spritual healer and creative soul, has a passion for spreading and sharing compassion with us. She filmed this video for the sole purpose of sharing minimalist hobbies that bring her happiness, to those of us that may need help.

Helpful Hobby Hints

Diving into the video, we felt a sense of calmness. The simplicity of each and every hobby mentioned added to the want of actually doing them. First up on the list is gardening. If we get out in nature, we are more likely to feel the freshness of it and rejuvenate ourselves. Next hobby goes hand in hand with the reasons behind our first hobby, which is outdoor activities.

Transitioning to a more spiritual hobby, Youheum adds yoga to the list. Our minds, bodies, and spirits need a break every once in a while and this a great outlet for thatšŸ˜Œ.

Before and after yoga

For an even more mindless task, crocheting as well as drawing later on in the video are suggested. Now we know it’s a bit hasty to say that crocheting is mindless, because it is very hard to pick up. Although, if you continue to practice it, it will become second nature and easily calm you when necessary.

Hone In Your Skills

The last couple hobbies Youheum suggests are photography/videographyšŸ“· and playing the flutešŸŽµ. Although all of these hobbies are subjective to each and every one of us depending on our likes and dislikes, these two are the most. Youheum mentions that she plays the flute because it is popular in her culture. We encourage you all to look into your cultures and research popular hobbies that might interest you!

Take Time For Yourself

We need to realize everything we do doesn’t need to be to get something done. We NEED to do things for ourselves just to do them. That starts with hobbies. Let us know which of these you decide to try and how they work out!

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