5 Makeup Mistakes To Avoid For Women Over 50

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For women with mature eyes, there are some techniques, or lack there of, that result in mistakes during makeup application. We totally get it, makeup alone is a struggle; but taking into account age and mature eyes on top of it is even more difficult.

Schellea has created fabulous50s as a platform where women can go to for inspiration, motivation and gratitude about life in their 50s and beyond. Now, there are certain makeup mistakes that may not apply to younger crowds, but for women over fifty, here are all the do’s and don’ts. Watch along in the video down below to see Schellea apply makeup for mature eyes. 💞

All The Mistakes To Avoid

First of the top mistakes is that we don’t prime our eyes. This is absolutely necessary because with age skin can become more and more oily. Adding primer before applying eyeshadow will decrease the chance of creases. Without the creases, the eyeshadow will look less cakey. And let’s be honest, who wants cakey unless they’re eating it. 🍰

I finally have cake bros! : cakeday. Makeup Mistakes

Next on our makeup mistakes list is knowing where to apply light and dark colors. Schellea explains older women need to accentuate their eyelid with light colors to make it look bigger. Some women incorrectly pack on the dark colors all over their eyelid, making their eyes look smaller. The other area where color is incorrectly applied is to the hood of the eye. Mature eyes need to recede this are with light colors to make them appear smaller.

Proceeding through the video, Schellea warns not to follow natural lines of your mature eyes in two areas. She explains following alone the natural lines of your eye with eyeliner will accentuate any droop they may have. Bringing the eyeliner slightly up at the end to lift the eyes is the a quick fix for this makeup mistake.

The other natural part of mature eyes that should be adjusted are eyebrows. Filling them in, we need to give off the illusion of a little more thickness without it looking tacky and Schellea shows us a unique trick to measuring a perfect eyebrow from other features of our face.

Last, but not least, Schellea strongly suggests we curl our eyelashes. Adding this brings the perfect touch to lift and make our eyelashes stand out. Not everyone agree this step is necessary or adds anything to the finished look, but Schellea swears by it. ✨

Makeup Mistake For Mature Eyes

If you feel that any of these tips and tricks apply to you and may help with steering clear of dreaded makeup mistakes, try them out! Let us know if you fall in love with and of Schellea’s helpful hints for mature eyes.

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