Enhance Your Emotional Quotient

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Beyond basic empathy, understanding others is learned through emotional intelligence. Having a high EQ (emotional quotient) is just as important as having a high IQ, in both your business and personal life.

Emotional Intelligence: What is it, and how can it transform your career? |  BBVA, emotional quotient

Imagine a scenario where something happens and you find yourself in “survival mode” when you have to make a critical decision. Your adrenalin is pumping and you begin to overthink or dwell on things that lead you to make mistakes. Learning how to improve emotional intelligence is about taking back control over your life.

If you want to increase your chances for success and minimize mistakes in high-stress situations, these tips can help. With better emotional quotient and intelligence habits you will increase success in your job, relationships, and have less negative self-talk.

Stay Grounded

Honestly looking at our actions and how they impact our daily interactions is important. Humility is what allows us to learn from past mistakes. If you can’t laugh at yourself or consider that maybe you are in the wrong, your emotional intelligence will suffer.

This is like mastering a skill or improving your position in team sports. Being annoyed and always on the defense only makes your life harder. Not only will people seem more distant, but you’ll frustrate your own self by internalizing your stress.

It’s All About Emotional Quotient Perspective

Empathy means looking at things from different perspectives. To do that, you need to consider the situation that others are in to gain emotional quotient. For a quick example, think about a troubled teenager.

Are they getting into trouble because they enjoy it? Are they acting out to get attention? If so, why don’t they feel they are getting enough or the right kind at home?

It’s hard to win a debate or get a teenager to listen to you when you lack empathy. You have to look at things from their perspective to understand how to tackle their problems. Good parenting is all about improving emotional intelligence.

Assess The Situation

Firing from the hip is good for emotional quotient in some situations, but not in most conversations. In today’s social media “hot take” meme-filled society, emotional intelligence goes out the window. As soon as a story hits, people have a response.

Sometimes, a very big story may turn out to be fake news. Practice being the voice of reason and biting your tongue until more information is released. You gain more respect from your peers, business partners, and clients if you keep a cool head.

A high emotional quotient ability will take months, maybe years, to master. Thinking before you do is often repeated, but rarely practiced.

How To Better Understand Others And Their Emotional Quotient

Take these tips on how to improve your emotional intelligence and start applying them towards everyday situations. Find a friend or family member who you often spar or debate with and see if you can have empathy for them and keep your cool. Bonus points if they are on opposite sides of the personality or political spectrum.

Gradually, you’ll begin to notice the power of reservation, objectivity, and analyzing things from a confident position. Find your confidence and share your story with us to help inspire others. Increase your emotional quotient by paying it forward for the next person.

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