Confidence is Key

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We can’t let self-doubt win. We are all so unique and so beautiful in our own way and we need to realize how to appreciate that. This journey is one that all of us are on and in no way is the end goal perfection. None of us are perfect, we just need to find the confidence in ourselves given everything we were blessed with.


The beautiful Lisette gets into some deep dark secrets and speaks the truth about how we all have self-doubt. She talks about her own personal journey with it and the ways she was able to cope with it. She explains that there were 10 specific tips that really seemed to be the most beneficial tools for battling a lack of confidence.

Top Tips to Self-Confidence

Some of the major tips I felt Lisette touched on started with getting in the habit of speaking kindly toward yourself. Even when something negative is happening, you really need to change your mindset to see the positives throughout, and to focus on those instead. When all you are looking at is the bad things in your life, or bad things about yourself, the better things are slowly just going to start to disappear. Lisette shares that it really makes a difference to cut out negative self-thoughts and work on finding the positive. She encourages her viewers to comment something positive about themselves in her comments, and we encourage the same. Share in the comments below💖.

The next tip is to take time to write out a list of your strengths. Now for this trick, Lisette explains that you don’t need to write your list in one sitting, but any time you feel that you have been strong, write it down💪.

Next major piece of advice is to visualize where we want to be and how we want to be. In doing this, we are able to formulate goals and ways to work towards them. We are all good enough to do the things we want to; we just need to set our minds to it. And again, have a positive mindset.

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Lisette then mentions that we need to start going out of our way to try things that scare us. We have to try and repeatedly put ourselves in uncomfortable situations so we can become used to it.

Major Confidence Booster

Last tip that we felt is the most important consists of no more comparing yourself to others. There is no perfect mold to fit into. Everyone is so unique and like we already stated, we need to start appreciating that. This should be a huge confidence booster to us all, because knowing that each and every one of us is different than the other makes us special🌼.

We Got This

There is no reason we can’t try out these tips and work on our confidence. Even just trying to practice one of these pieces of advice a day can help more than we understand. Confidence is key and we shouldn’t keep that positivity from our lives and minds🥰.

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