College Chaos: How To Survive

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College can be a complete mess sometimes. Especially when you don’t know how to navigate it. There are some people that never set foot on campus, some do and drop out, others get a Bachelor’s degree and want to achieve more. 🎓

The adorable, Jeanine Amapola, created a ‘How To’ on surviving college with all the best life hacks, tips, and advice we could ask for.

College Classmate Connections

First on Jeanine’s list is to connect with students in all your college classes. The material is going to get challenging and you want to be able to lend a hand to others and be able to have someone you can ask for help from as well. The littlest things you can do, such as asking for someone’s phone number on the first day could go a long way in the future.

Financial Aid

Another little task to make life easier that Jeanine felt strongly about, is financial aid. It does nothing but benefit you to apply for financial aid, so we need to do it! College is expensive 💰 and it’s okay to find some help.

The Perfect Planner

Next on the list, is to keep a planner. You don’t want to be the one kid in class who completely spaced the quiz because you forgot to write it down. Am I right?! So keep track of all important dates for quizzes, assignments, etc. It could be something completely unrelated to college, such as eating exercising, or hanging with friends. As long as you have a planner and everything you need to get done in it, there’s a good chance you won’t forget.


One of the most important, since your computer will most likely have your entire life on it in college, is to invest in a computer lock. 🔒

Jeanine explained that there will be times you’re in the library studying with all your things set out. You might need to get up to find a book, go to the bathroom, etc. and you don’t want to have to pack everything up just to come back and set it all up again for fear of someone stealing it. What a great invention!

The next investment Jeanine suggests, is a bike. If you’re going somewhere with a large campus this is almost a necessity just to get to classes on time. A bike will save you so much time and enable you to get places quicker.

Save, Save, Save

On the topic of saving money, Jeanine moves on to searching for apps that have deals and/or coupons for local restaurants and food places. Being in college, most of the time, equals an empty wallet. So pinching pennies anywhere is a lifesaver.

One of the reasons, college = empty wallet, is the textbooks, and Jeanine has just the answer for that, as well. She introduces this website called ‘Slug Books’ that will compare prices of textbooks and find you the cheapest ones available. Jeanine claimed she was able to find one of her textbooks in college for $1…who wouldn’t want that?!

Community College Credits

To lighten to load of college expenses, however, Jeanine informs us that we can attempt to take the easier required classes at a community college if they are able to transfer to the college of your choice.

In doing this, the class material may be easier, faster, and like we already noted, cheaper.


To make life easier, another piece of advice is to meet with an advisor every semester. This is a way to ensure that you’re on the right track with your classes and make sure you will graduate on time. Advisors are only there to help and benefit you, so take advantage of it.

College Survival Guide

You might almost say that Jeanine has been our advisor throughout her video with all these tips and tricks to benefit us and we are so thankful. College can be hard, and these just made it seem a little easier, at the least approachable. 😅

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