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advice columnist

This may not come as a surprise to you, but it turns out life is hard.

Not always hard, but we all have those areas or moments where it can just be too much.

Here’s the cool thing, we each have different areas of strength and wisdom.

So, we can learn from those with different superpowers than us, getting a leg up on our journey to create the happiest version of our life.

If you are the type that likes to help uplift others and you are pretty darn good at putting words together we invite you to apply to be an advice columnist at My Little Mascara Club.

We’ll help you help LOTS of others!

And, we’ll help you get more reach for your voice in the process.

It’s a true win-win.

The minimum commitment is just 2 posts per month. We’ll get you the questions from our community, you get us your advice answer in 7 days or less (400-1000 words per Q).

In your application you’ll tell us about the areas where you have expertise.

And, together, we’ll help others enjoy more happy.


Apply to join Team Ellie today!