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You can never have too many beauty products, right? 😅

Right! 🤩

In this video, Heidi shares her favorite beauty products from Amazon! We love new beauty products and bonus points for 2-day shipping!

2 day shipping excitement

Heidi, or Everyday Heidi, is a beauty vlogger who posts Youtube videos about makeup, skincare and lifestyle. From drugstore to high-end products, Heidi shares it all! With over 50k subscribers, she knows her stuff, and her beauty recommendations are top notch!

This time around, Heidi is telling us all about her latest Amazon beauty purchases. So buckle up and get ready to add a few things to your shopping cart!

Add things to your shopping cart

Heidi’s first recommendation is a product we swear by: reusable makeup remover wipes! Although Heidi purchased her’s from Amazon, we recommend our own reusable makeup remover wipes that you can purchase here. These are great because the plush material is much gentler on your skin than disposable wipes and cotton rounds. With a little micellar water, your makeup is gone in no time! P.s. They’re also great for the environment. ♻️

Next on her list is an extremely unique tool that we didn’t even know existed 😳  It’s an ice roller that you keep in your freezer and use to depuff your face in the morning! If you’ve ever tried to use the ice cube trick to depuff your undereyes, you know how cold and slippery it can be. Luckily, this makes the process much more convenient!

Skin Care It Up!

If you’ve been wanting to try an at-home spa day, this next product is for you. Heidi uses a facial steaming device to amp up her skincare routine and pamper herself! 🧖‍♀️

Continuing with the skincare theme, up next on Heidi’s list is a jade roller. Facial rollers help boost the circulation in your skin to help with tightening and firming as well as help your skincare products penetrate better!

We hate to leave you hanging, but we can’t give you all the details! To see the last two beauty products that Heidi recommends from Amazon, check out her video!

Reusable Face Pads-

My Favorite Foundation-

Ice Facial Roller-

Facial Steamer-

Jade Facial Roller-

New Favorite Lipsticks-

Will You Buy Any of These Interesting Amazon Beauty Products?

Do any of these products sound like a new favorite? If you decide to buy any of these Amazon beauty products, let us know!

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